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Wynner Rosettes - Mark Constatine

There are thousands of agricultural events and competitions that take place all over the world, not forgetting the 2012 Olympics that are coming to London this year.  Why not set up your business in the rural heartland of Wales?

Mark has lived in Wales for most of his life in a time period spanning over 45 years!  He set up his rosette business in 1995, after looking for a new business opportunity in a new area of North Wales.  He thought that Conwy was the perfect location to exploit a potential gap in the agricultural market.  Wynner Rosettes create and supply bespoke rosettes, sashes, lapel  badges and trophies for a variety of events, from your standard farming show to sporting competitions.

Sometimes my customers pop in just for a chat.

As Mark was new to the area the  main hurdle that Mark faced was the fact he was new to the area and there was no other service in the area at the time, but he received a friendly Conwy welcome none the less,  ”people were very helpful and I quickly became well known in the town”.   The community embraced Mark’s business and he attracts lots of different people to his shop to use his services, from farmers, local businesses to schools and “sometimes my customers pop in just for a chat.”

The main challenge for Mark is the size of the shop which can  be difficult to manage and he finds it hard to access new technologies to advance his business and make it more efficient.  However, he thinks Conwy is a good place to live and work and the most rewarding aspects is very clear for Mark, ” The satisfaction of being able to provide a good service and quality goods, which means that people return time and again”.


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